new release:

Live at the Lamp Tavern – Paul Dunmall, Sebastiano Dessanay and James Bashford – 2017

Live at The Lamp Tavern was recorded live by Matthew O’Malley during a Fizzle series concert organised by Andrew Woodhead on the 24th of January 2017. I played the double bass, together with Paul Dunmall on tenor and alto saxophones and Jim Bashford on drums. The album contains three freely improvised tracks for a total length of 50 minutes. Live at the Lamp Tavern is self-released on a 100 copies limited edition and is available for digital purchase on my Bandcamp. If you would like a physical copy please email me.




as leader:

Duets of a Fool – 2016

Duets of a Fool is a series of completely improvised duets between Sebastiano Dessanay and some artists he has collaborated with over the past few years. These include: Sebastiano Meloni, Melinda Maxwell, Howard Skempton, Paul Dunmall, Francesco Morittu, Augusto Pirodda, Jack McNeill, Mark Sanders, Rachael Cohen, Fulvio Sigurtà plus a duet for two doublebasses with Dessanay himself overdubbed. The album is released on the Oxfordshire-based jazz label SLAM Productions and is available for purchase on the label website, on iTunes, and




Songbook Volume One – 2013

Songbook Volume One

The Songbook Volume One concludes the project started in 2011 with the Volume Two. The two albums include tunes written from 1997 to the present day by Sebastiano. All of the songs present in this recording are very much informed by jazz tunes, and they pay hommage to many jazz composers whose style one can subtly hear between the lines. A strong sense of melody is always present and Sebastiano’s great bass sound is complemented by the presence of fine guitarist Gianluca Corona, skilled drummer Alessandro Garau and the new Scottish talent Rachael Cohen on saxophone.
CD was produced by London based label F-IRE and is available for sale at, and in digital format at on iTunes and



Songbook Volume Two – 2012

Songbook Volume Two

The Songbook is a collection of selected tunes written from 1997 to the present day by Sebastiano. All of the songs present in this recording are very much informed by jazz tunes, and they pay homage to many jazz composers whose style one can subtly hear between the lines. A strong sense of melody is always present and Sebastiano’s great bass sound is complemented by fine pianist Alessandro Di Liberto and solid drummer Pierpaolo Frailis. The presence of Italian jazz rising star Fulvio Sigurtà on trumpet and flugelhorn enhances three of the tracks. CD was produced by London based label F-IRE and is available for sale at, and in digital format on iTunes and




as co-leader:

Pictures of a quartet – 2012

Pictures Of a Quartet

The music of this quartet composed by Sebastiano Meloni on piano, Paul Dunmall on saxophones, Sebastiano on double bass and Mark Sanders on drums, moves between free jazz/avant-garde improvisation and contemporary. It espresses an abstract sonic setting, a rigorous exploration of unprecedented forms and timbres, always favouring the structural construction conceived as instantaneous composition. The album is produced by the label SLAM and can be purchased on the label website, on Amazon and digitally on iTunes.




Rebis – 2007


Sebastiano, drummer Alessandro Garau and guitarist Gianluca Corona played for the first time together in 1999 in London. Since then the trio worked occasionally on jazz standard tunes until 2005 when they started working on original music by drummer Alessandro. The work was recorded in 2006 and Rebis came out in 2007 published by UK label Slam Productions. It is available for purchase on the label website and digitally on iTunes.




Auden – 2004


In 1939 W.A. Auden composed several poems about man’s inner life, sorrows and living estranged from nature. In this recording, every musician expresses their own feelings – so deeply musical in themselves – by playing athematic atonal improvisations. Nothing aleatory in that, mind you, but perfectly definite languages and interplay. The septet is composed by leader Sebastiano Meloni on piano, Valeria Martini on vocals, Gianluca Corona on guitar, Nicola Cossu and Sebastiano on electric basses and doublebasses, Leonardo Casula and Alessandro Garau on drums. The record was produced independently and printed in limited copies.





Blue Bamboo – 2017
jazz, improvisation

Blue BambooOn Blue Bamboo the distinguished London Sinfonietta oboist Melinda Maxwell performs solo and with a rhythm section, playing jazz standards and new compositions. Melinda has long been fascinated by improvised music. She says “I realised these musical processes offered me new ways of perceiving – of feeling and thinking about – music.” The spirit of Messiaen hovers over this album, with an improvisation on, and the world première of, L’Amour de Piroutcha. Miniature in form, it is also boundless and timeless. Blue Bamboo also features Mark Pringle on piano, Sebastiano Dessanay on double bass and Liam Halloran on drums and vibes. Blue Bamboo is available for purchase on the Oboe Classics label website.

Leaf – 2016
classical, piano, soundtrack

LeafLeaf is the new work by Stefano Guzzetti and it’s inspired by one of the most common things we can find in everyday’s life. Leaf is for piano and different ensembles. It features Simone Soro on violin, Francesco Pilia on viola, Gianluca Pischedda on cello, Sebastiano Dessanay on double bass and Lorendo Baldoni on clarinet. Leaf has been produced in mid 2014 and is the first work by Stefano Guzzetti that started his relationship with Mute Song Ltd. Leaf is available for purchase on Bandcamp.


Boogie Nights – 2014

Boogie NightThis CD includes compositions by composer Joe Cutler, Head of Composition at the Birmingham Conservatoire. Sebastiano plays with Decibel Ensemble on Extended Play, a composition which develops Cutler’s interest in exploring the boundary regions between post-minimalism, rock and jazz, with each of these genres coming to the fore at various points on this journey. But this is not a polystylism based on elements that do not belong, rather a naturally transformative process of materials that have the ability to re-invent themselves. Boogie Nights is available for purchase on Bandcamp.


Kathryn And Peter Play The Recorder – 2014

Kathryn And Peter Play The RecorderThis CD includes compositions for different recorder ensembles by German composer Michael Wolters. Woltersʼ relationship with the recorder began in 1997 when he met the extraordinary recorder duo Kathryn Bennetts and Peter Bowman. Their exceptional skills and their enthusiasm for research into undiscovered areas of sound made them ideal collaborators for Wolters, whose music so often focuses on dismantling established boundaries. Sebastiano plays with Decibel Ensemble on German Folk Tunes and on the one-act opera The Voyage. Kathryn And Peter Play The Recorder is available for purchase on Bandcamp.

The Lobbus – 2013

The LobbusIn 2013 Sebastiano recorded on 5 original tracks by guitar player Tobie Carpenter, a former student of the Birmingham Conservatoire, who also wrote all the arragements. The other musicians on the recording are Chris Young on alto sax, Callum Roxburgh on tenor sax, Lluis Mather on tenor sax and flute, Matt Holborn (soloist) and Katy-Ellen Bryoe on violin, Becky Woodcock on clarinet. The Lobbus is available on Soundcloud.


Invisible Girl – 2012
pop songwriting

Invisible GirlRachel Nicholas is an English singer and composer with a very distinct sound that mixes acoustic delicacy with quirky electronic arrangements. The album is self-produced and includes seven songs. It features Sebastiano on electric bass, Luke Deane on percussion, Richard Stenton on drum programming and Rachel herself on vocals, piano and other instruments. It is available for purchase at Rachel’s Bandcamp page.


Crossing Borders – 2012

Crossing BordersDavide Sanna is a Sardinian songwriter based in London. He combines styles that echo traditional folk roots mixed with his innovative approach to playing the guitar and composing. Crossing Borders is self-produced and features Sebastiano  on double bass on Almeria, L’Aviatore and I still see you face.


Dzama Stories – 2010

Dzama StoriesSince March 2009 Sebastiano is the bassist of contemporary ensemble Decibel, led by composer Ed Bennett. Decibel’s new CD Dzama Stories features improviser artist Paul Dunmall and music by Ed Bennett, and it’s published by Quartz Music.



Night in Greenwich – 2006

Night in GreenwichNight in Greenwich is a recording made by Italian guitar player Fabio Zambelli. When living in London, in 2006, Fabio formed Simplon Group with Paolo Carta Mantiglia on clarinet, Pete Whittaker on electric piano and Thierry Tardieu on drums. The album features the composition Scherzo by Sebastiano, whom both Zambelli and Carta Mantiglia collaborated with a few years before in the recording ZeroUno.


Histoire du Soldat – 2005

Histoire du SoldatIn 2005, while a student at Conservatorio di Musica in Cagliari, Sebastiano played the double bass in the ‘I Fiati del Conservatorio’ ensemble conducted by Alessandro Bombonati. The ensemble extensively performed live a diverse repertoire including Mozart, Respighi, Stravinsky, Dvořák and others. This recording was made just the day before a live performance of the Soldier’s Tale by Stravinsky at the Auditorium Comunale in Cagliari in May 2005.

Angeli di strada – 2004

In 2002 Riccardo Melis set up a soul cover band with pop and funky influences as a tribute to Marvin Gaye, together with Sebastiano on bass, Mauro Congia on keyboards and Andrea Ruggeri on drums. In 2004 they started to work on their own compositions. They rearranged Angeli di strada a song by the sardinian songwriter Alberto Sanna and the recording was included in the album Alberto Sanna.


Antologia Nuoro Jazz – 2004

Antologia Nuoro JazzIn 1999 Sebastiano attended the jazz masterclass Nuoro Jazz, organized by trumpet player Paolo Fresu and Ente Musicale di Nuoro. Every year the best students are selected to form a band. Sebastiano and The Open Sextet performed at the opening of the masterclass the following year and this recording includes three tracks from that concert. The other members were Stefania Liori on vocals, Fabio Zambelli on guitar, Rosario Di Rosa on piano, Alessandro Sabina on saxophone, Davide Quacquarella on drums.

ZeroUno – 2002

ZeroUnoFulvio Sigurtà on trumpet and Fabio Zambelli on guitar gathered some friends to record some original compositions plus two standards as a hommage to Miles Davis.
The result is the auto-produced CD ZeroUno. The band includes Paolo Carta Mantiglia on bass clarinet and soprano saxophone, Sebastiano on double bass and Paolo Orlandi on drums. The album features the two tracks by Sebastiano Scherzo and 12 kisses.


Fubro – 2000

FubroIn 1993 Sandro Bruni on guitar started Cridüsciá, with Roberto Farneti on vocals, Mauro Congia on keyboards and Giangi Corona on drums. After having changed a few bassists, the band hired Sebastiano on bass. Repertoire consisted only of original music composed by Sandro and Mauro and lyrics by Roberto. In 1996 band broke up but in 2000 they reunited with Antonio Pisano on drums, to produce the CD Fubro with seven old and new tunes.