SD’s new composition Mirror No.4: verticale for piano and new quartet will be workshopped on the 5th of April 2011 at Birmingham Conservatoire by the amazing Schubert Ensemble.


The concept behind the Mirrors series starts from a simple observation of the piano keyboard: if we consider the central D as the central point then the whole keyboard is symmetrical on both sides. This symmetry is not evident when we think in traditional terms of scales.

Throughout every piece in the series every note played on the right side of the central D will be played together with its correspondent note on the left side. This symmetry is always accomplished, meaning that there are only specific combination of sounds available.

The previous Mirrors followed a precise reversed structure from half the piece onwards which means two mirrors, one reflecting the verticality (pitches) and one the horizontality (time or structure) of the piece. Mirror No.4 is called verticale as it does not use the mirrored structure but only the mirrored pitches.